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Current Work

The main task of the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation is to establish a new cultural institution. The Foundation’s foremost priority is creating a permanent exhibition on flight and expulsion in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Europe and the world.

The library, collections, and archive are already accessible to the public for research and active participation. Events and numerous cooperative agreements facilitate scholarly networking and offer insight into the Foundation’s themes and work.

You can find information about the latest news from the Foundation in the following.

The Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation cooperates with the Museums of Varde

Two trans-regional institutions dedicated to the memory of the flight of Germans at the end of the Second World War are currently being established in Berlin and in Oksbøl on the Danish North Sea coast.

Dr. Nils Köhler and Dr. Andreas Kossert from the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation visited the Museums of Varde on June 18 and 19, 2018. Anne Sofie Vemmelund Christensen and John V. Jensen led a tour through the former camp at Oksbøl, where a total of about 100.000 German war refugees lived between 1945 and February 1949. Many Germans have forgotten that at the end of the war, a quarter-million people, most of them from East Prussia, West Prussia and Pomerania, fled over the Baltic Sea to Denmark. Many remained interned there in camps for years. Thousands of graves remind us today, in Oksböl and other places, of the refugees, including thousands of children, who did not survive this time.

Anne Sofie Vemmelund Christensen and John V. Jensen, together with Director Claus Kjeld Jensen, introduced an impressive project entitled, “Denmark’s Refugee Museum” (Danmarks Flygtninge Museum). Plans are underway for an exhibition that preserves the memory of German refugees in Denmark and raises universal questions regarding flight and refugees. The museum emerged upon the initiative of museums in the community of Varde, which is located at the historical site of the former camp of Oksbøl.

At a joint visit to the TIRPITZ Museum in Blåvand, which opened in 2017, the guests from Berlin were able to gain an impression of this magnet for visitors, which was designed and completed by the same team, in the dunes and within view of the North Sea coast. In the bunker of the former Tirpitz position, which was built in the last year of the war, the economic and cultural history of the Danish North Sea coast is presented along with the development of the bunker in the Second World War. The Museums of Varde and the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation agreed to work closely together, beginning in 2019 with a joint event in Berlin on the subject of refugee camps in the postwar period in Denmark.

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