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Founding documents

In March 2008 the Federal Government approved a concept draft for a “visible symbol against flight and expulsion”, thereby fulfilling a provision of the CDU, CSU and SPD coalition agreement of November 2005.

In December 2008 the German Bundestag used this concept draft as the basis for the passage of the Law establishing the “German Historical Museum” Foundation, in which Article 2 established the dependent foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation Foundation. The legal provisions were amended in June 2010.

The Board of Trustees approved the “Conceptual framework for the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation and guidelines for the planned permanent exhibition” in its meeting of 25 June 2012.

On 20 June 2017, the Foundation published its integrated “Concept for the permanent exhibition” and on 28 June 2018 a "Draft concept for the library, archive and testimonies at the Documentation Center".

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