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Future Documentation Center


The collection of the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation is being developed with the future permanent exhibition in mind. Furthermore, our objects will be displayed in temporary exhibitions and loaned out to other institutions.

The collection holds realia of all kinds that provide a discernible reference to flight, expulsion, forced migration, the loss of homeland, ethnic homogenization, and policy towards majorities and minorities. The Foundation’s collection has a European and global profile, with a focus on the fate of Germans affected by flight and expulsion as well as those geographic areas previously inhabited by Germans.

The collection includes posters, political propaganda such as leaflets or postcards, photographs and photo albums, maps, personal documents, newspapers, brochures, paintings and other works of art as well as three-dimensional objects, including baggage and vehicles used by people who fled their homes.

Some objects from the collection of the Foundation Deutschlandhaus, which was dissolved in 1999 – these include postcards, photo albums, maps and materials advertising tourism to former German or German-settled areas – have gone into the Foundation’s collection, others were taken over by the German Historical Museum.

For more current information on the collection, click here.

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