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The "disappearance" of German-speaking minorities

The "disappearance" of German-speaking minorities

The flight, expulsion and deportation of Germans after World War Two has gained attention in recent years. Events after 1944/45, as well as their causes and consequences, are viewed increasingly from a European perspective. Yugoslavia, which was founded after the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy, included over half a million ethnic Germans within its borders, and the fate of these Yugoslav Germans between 1941 and 1955 has only been researched in a very limited way. "Disappearance" was the euphemism used in communist Yugoslavia to describe the void that resulted from the expulsion of several hundred thousand Germans. For a long time, these expulsions were absent from public discourse.

The book is being published as a double issue in German and Serbian (with contributions in Slovenian, Croatian, and English) and presents new research by renowned scholars from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. This volume examines for the first time the complete context of the history, causes and motives for the expulsion of Germans from Yugoslavia, particularly the Danube Swabians.

The international conference, The "disappearance" of German-speaking minorities, took place at the Austrian-Slovenian border in the town of Bad Radkersburg in 2012. In addition to the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation (Berlin) and the Danube Swabian Central Museum in Ulm, our partners included the German Historical Museum (Berlin), the Croatian Institute for History ‒ Hrvatski institut za povijest (Zagreb), the Museum of Vojvodina ‒ Muzej Vojvodine (Novi Sad), the Institute for Economic, Social and Business History at the University of Graz, and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on the Consequences of War (Graz). The conference and this volume demonstrate that the joint reappraisal of difficult chapters of history is not just possible, but is also practiced in a lively way.

The "disappearance" of German-speaking minorities. A difficult chapter in Yugoslavian history, 1941—1955.

Pub. by the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation and the Danube Swabian Central Museum Foundation, Berlin/Ulm 2016. Conference proceedings with 17 articles from five countries, 230 pp. (German edition) or 207 pp. (Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian edition), 92 images.

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