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Thursday, 28. June 2018

Foundation publishes draft concept for the library, archive and testimonies at the Documentation Center

On June 28, 2018, the Foundation published a draft concept for the library, archive and testimonies at the Documentation Center. This document had been unanimously approved beforehand by the Board of Trustees. The draft concept was developed on the basis of the Foundation’s 2012 conceptual framework.

The scholarly specialist library, the archive and work with testimonies will be accessible to the public in a 400-square-meter reading room in the first upper floor of the new building. In their totality, the collections focus on the experience of people affected by expulsions and flight.

This document ties into the permanent exhibition draft concept that was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2017. Both documents and the specifications derived from them are related to one another in terms of both content and function. The permanent exhibition and the reading room with the library, archive and testimonies, which are seamlessly connected on the second floor, must be understood as a single unit for reasons including architectural circumstances. Both spaces, which offer a multi-faceted array of information and educational offerings, will significantly shape the Foundation’s external image.

We are developing a package of measures on the basis of this draft concept in order to realize the described potential uses, services, educational offerings and cooperative ventures in the new building.

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