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The Topic

The use of expulsions for the alleged settlement of ethnic and religious conflicts is a global phenomenon. In twentieth-century Europe, the extreme nationalism and excessive violence of the World Wars led to massive expulsions and genocide. The consequences were immeasurable suffering and deep rifts between nations and peoples.

From the Caucasus over Kashmir to Kosovo: the Foundation addresses the fate of millions of people who were expelled from their homelands. In this context, the Foundation also recollects the more than 14 million Germans, who, in the course of the war unleashed by the National Socialist regime, had to leave the former eastern Prussian provinces and settlement areas in Central, Southeastern, and Eastern Europe.

Flight and expulsion are universal experiences. Countless people continue to feel its effects, up to the present day. In the spirit of reconciliation, the Foundation wants to make a contribution to understanding the historical causes and to condemning expulsions as a violation of human rights.

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