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Future Documentation Center


The Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation will offer a public reading room for archival materials and the library holdings, thereby making it a central location for visitors who want to conduct deeper investigations into the Foundation’s topics. The archive will facilitate scholarly research on forced migration as well as historical sites and regions.

The archived materials include testimonies, diaries, letters, regional chronicles, site documentation, town indexes and census lists, selected photographs, maps, audio and video material, and estates. The archive focuses on eyewitness accounts that document personal experiences related to forced migration.

Apart from biographical records, the archive also holds the documentation of the Foundation “House for the East German Homeland”, accumulated up to its dissolution in 1974, as well as documents of the Foundation Deutschlandhaus, gathered up to its disbandment in 1999. The archive also encompasses numerous literary estates from the collection of the Foundation Deutschlandhaus, including those of Ruth Hoffmann, Gustav Renner, Eberhard König, and Gerhard von Amyntor.

The entire archive is systematically organized, and its holdings will be provided in the original in the reading room or digitally at media workstations and online.

For more current information on the archive, click here.

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